Tier 3: Forms and Tools

Tier 3: Forms and Tools

At the tier 3 level, students who demonstrate very serious or chronic behavior problems are provided intensive and individualized supports. At the tertiary level, individual students are provided simple to complex function-based behavior interventions (FBA-BIPs) and person-centered plans such as wraparound.

Please click here for a description of various Tier 3 presentations and professional development offered through the Delaware PBS Project.

If you are interested in joining the Tier 3 Schoology Page: F5SJ3-75K3X

2019/2020 Professional Development

FBA to BIP For Educators

Fall 2019 Prevent-Teach-Reinforce Training

2018/2019 Professional Development

Tier 3 Systems Webinar

FBA to BIP for Educators

Fall 2018 Prevent-Teach-Reinforce: (Team Based FBA-BIP) Workshop

Fall 2018 Tier 3 Coaching Practices Workshop

Tier 3 Resources

This link will take you to all of the PTR forms and tools!

Resource How to Use this Resource
Professional Development FBA and BIP for Educators District Coaches and Teams can use this PPT to review basics of behavior and provide an overview of the FBA-BIP Process with all staff
PTR Training Master Facilitators can use this PTR training  to provide an overview of the PTR process to new facilitators and teams.
DE-PBS PTR Page School based teams can use this information to gain information about training, coaching, forms, and advanced PTR resources.
Thinking functionally About Internalizing Behavior Problems Tier 3 teams can use this FBA/BIP training to provide an overview about anxiety and school refusal to staff and build skills in their own facilitation of function indicated interventions for students with internalizing and school refusal behaviors.
Tier 3 Redesign Team Presentation Teams can use this overview to understand and share information with staff regarding the essential elements of Tier 3 systems.
Florida Blueprint for Tier 3 Use this document as a guide to assist district teams to understand the Tier 3 structures needed to develop a results driven system for students in need of individualized behavioral supports.
Support Plan Tools NEWEST PTR FORMS AND TOOLS! Use this link to access forms related to the PTR model of FBA/BIP facilitation.
Master Facilitator Information Use this link if you are facilitating or coaching others to facilitate FBA-BIPs using PTR forms/tools
MAP Facilitation Guide
PATH Facilitation Guide
Circle of Support Form
School Refusal Scale

School Refusal Scale Functions Interpretation

FBA Facilitators can use this scale during hypothesis development to better understand the function of school refusal behavior
Anxiety Resource Documents Teams can use this list of printable resources when developing plans for students with anxiety
Tier 3 Facilitator IC Map

Coaching Professional Development Action Plan

Facilitators can use these tools to evaluate their own competencies and Master Facilitators can use this tool while coaching peers in the FBA/BIP process.
Evaluation (Data) Tools TATE

TATE Scoring Guide

Tier 3 teams at the district or school level (or individual FBA/BIP facilitators) can use this tool to determine the technical adequacy of FBA/BIPs and establish baseline and data for improvement.