Tier 3: Forms and Tools

At the tier 3 level, students who demonstrate very serious or chronic behavior problems are provided intensive and individualized supports. At the tertiary level, individual students are provided simple to complex function-based behavior interventions (FBA-BIPs) and person centered plans such as wraparound.

Please click here for a description of various Tier 3 trainings offered through the Delaware PBS Project.

Newest versions of Tier 3 Forms and Tools

Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR) FBA and BIP Resources Person Centered Planning Resources Addressing Behavior Concerns in the IEP Tier 3 Redesign
Please visit our PTR page for information about training, coaching, forms, and advanced resources. This PowerPoint presentation outlines the implementation steps of Person Centered Planning. Online modules that outlines best practices in addressing student behavior in the Individualized Education plan (IEP). Coming soon! More information coming soon!
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PTR Resources for Families

PTR Forms

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MAP Facilitation Guide

PATH Facilitation Guide

Circle of Support Form

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Workshop Materials

Additional Resources:

FBA and BIP Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation (TATE)


 MAP Demonstration Photos

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