PTR Resources

PTR Forms and Tools for Facilitators

If you are interested in joining the Tier 3 Schoology Page: F5SJ3-75K3X

PTR FBA/BIP Report Template

FBA/BIP Template

Step One: Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring

Goal Setting Student Version

Goal Setting Table Format

Goal Setting with Broad Goals

Goal Setting – Version 2 Modified

Guiding Questions for Setting up IBRST

Individualized Behavior Rating Scale Tool (IBRST)

IBRST Excel Spreadsheet Tracking

Step Two: Functional Behavioral Assessment and Hypothesis

PTR FBA Student Version

PTR FBA Secondary Multiple Teachers

PTR FBA Secondary One Teacher

PTR FBA Elementary

PTR FBA Summary Table Cheat Sheet

PTR FBA Summary Table Blank Form

Step Three: Behavior Interventions and Coaching/Fidelity

PTR Intervention Checklist Elementary

PTR Interventions Checklist Student

PTR Interventions Checklist Secondary

PTR Interventions Checklist – Scoring Table (Elementary)

PTR Interventions Checklist – Scoring Table (Secondary)

Behavior Intervention Plan Template

PTR Coaching/Training/Fidelity Option A

PTR Coaching/Training/Fidelity Option B

Step Four: Progress Monitoring/Data Based Decision Making

Follow Up Guidance for Data Based Decision Making

Usage Rating Profile

Optional Forms

Teacher/Consultant Alliance Scale

PTR Classroom Team Survey

PTR Teacher Work Style Survey

PTR Paraeducator Work Style Survey

PTR Work Style Score Comparison Sheet


PTR Intervention Fact Sheets

 PTR Forms and Tools for Master Facilitator

FBA and BIP Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation (TATE)

FBA and BIP Technical Adequacy Tool for Evaluation (TATE) Scoring Guide

Coach/Coachee Planning Form

FBA/BIP Coaching Guide for Evaluating Competency (Products)

Tier 3 Behavior Coach/Facilitation Innovation Configuration Map (IC Map)