Prevent Teach Reinforce (PTR)

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The Delaware Department of Education has partnered with the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project to build the state’s capacity to conduct effective Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs). With funding support from the DE State Personnel Development Grant (SPDG), training is provided to school teams and individual coaching provided to FBA/BIP facilitators using the evidence based framework, Prevent-Teach-Reinforce. Technical assistance has been facilitated by Dr. Rose Iovannone from the University of South Florida, a co-author of the Prevent-Teach-Reinforce model.

What is PTR?

Prevent-Teach-Reinforce (PTR) is a model for facilitating and implementing functional behavior assessments and behavior intervention plans (FBA/BIP). It has been shown to be efficacious through a randomized controlled trial with more than 200 students in grades K-8 (Iovannone, Greenbaum, Wang, Kincaid, Dunlap, & Strain, 2009). PTR is a team-driven process that is facilitated by a person with expertise in behavioral science and collaborative consultation (Dunlap, Iovannone, Wilson, Strain, & Kincaid, 2010). The multi-step process is aligned with problem-solving approaches. All behavior support plans developed through PTR are based on functional behavior assessments and include, at a minimum, three behavior interventions including one to prevent problem behavior from occurring, one to teach an appropriate replacement behavior, and one to reinforce the new behavior while discontinuing reinforcement of the problem behavior. The PTR process differs from traditional FBA/BIP approaches by building in teacher coaching support that ensures the teacher/intervention agent implements the behavior plan with fidelity. In addition, the process includes a protocol for measuring implementation fidelity and provides an efficient daily data progress monitoring tool, the Individualized Behavior Rating Scale Tool (IBRST; Iovannone, Greenbaum, Wang, Kincaid, & Dunlap, 2014) that allows the team to make decisions about the impact the intervention plan has on decreasing the student’s problem behaviors and increasing appropriate behaviors. The process is manualized (Dunlap, Iovannone, et al., 2009) and can provide a campus/district/state with a standardized model of delivering individualized (Tier 3) FBA/BIP supports to students.

Delaware’s Current PTR Training Model

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State Level Training Facilitator Coaching Master Facilitator Coaching Advanced PTR Training(s) Tier 3 Redesign
Since 2012, Dr. Iovannone has provided 2-day PD in the 5 step PTR process to approximately 700 professionals across the state. New PTR Facilitators engage in the FBA/BIP process with coaching supports by state and district level Master Facilitators. Master Facilitators are previously trained facilitators who receive technical assistance in learning to coach others in the PTR process within their districts. Networking sessions with Facilitators and Master Facilitators include additional training in advanced topics (e.g. Efficient PTR, PBIS in self-contained classrooms, addressing internalizing problems, TATE) Districts will work to improve their Tier 3 behavior systems though interview of current practices, FBA/BIP evaluation, team training and action planning.

Trained Facilitators By District

Master Facilitator Contact Information

Name Email Title District
Eileen Baker Eileen.baker@cape.k12.de.us School Psychologist Cape Henlopen
Nicole Roberts robertsn@udel.edu School Psychologist/ State PBS Coach PBS Project
Lauren Messick Lauren.Messick@redclay.k12.de.us School Psychologist Red Clay
Mike Lewis Michael.lewis@cr.k12.de.us School Psychologist Caesar Rodney
Mark Degli Obizzi mark.degliobizzi@smyrna.k12.de.us School Psychologist Smyrna
Jillian Dzurnak jillian.dzurnak@irsd.k12.de.us School Psychologist Indian River
Bobbi English Blenglish@lf.k12.de.us Behavioral Interventionist/ District PBS Coach Lake Forest
Marcie Naftzinger Marcie.naftzinger@capital.k12.de.us School Psychologist Capital School District

If you would like more information about Prevent-Teach-Reinforce in Delaware, please contact Niki Roberts at: Robertsn@udel.edu