DE-PBS schools who have completed all of the Universal Framework trainings and have established a strong school-wide PBS system should complete training in the targeted framework.

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Title Description
Targeted   Team Training: 1-day workshop Open to Targeted/Problem Solving Teams (5-6 members) from schools implementing School-wide PBS. Targeted/Problem-Solving Team Training supports schools to create a system for implementing evidence-based Tier 2 interventions. Participants will learn how to develop the team, determine a process for identifying students in need, implement the Behavior Education (check-in/check-out) program, and identify skill building and relationship building interventions. Not offered annually

Participant PowerPoint for Targeted Tier 2 Training 2016

Brief Overview of Some Specific Tier 2 Interventions

Targeted Tools

Targeted Networking Session: 1/2 day workshop Open to schools and Targeted/Problem Solving Teams (at least 3 members from the team, and team leader) who previously participated in the DE-PBS Project sponsored Tier 2 – Targeted Problem-Solving PD in the last 3 years. The purpose of this training is to strengthen schools’ systems of behavioral support across the Tiers. Topics and activities include: reviewing Tier 2 concepts (systems and problem-solving), networking with other schools implementing Tier 2 programming, examining Tier 2 evaluation methods, and planning time with your targeted team.

Participant PowerPoint for Tier 2 Networking Session