Student-Student Relationships

This module focuses on supporting positive student-to-student relationships. It provides an overview of what student-student relationships are, why they are important, what factors contribute to both positive and negative student relations, and recommended strategies to improve these relationships.


In order to receive clock-hour credit for reviewing this information, sign up for the course through PDMS. Search for “Student-Student Relationships Module.” This module, along with the Teacher-Student Relationships, Bullying, and Engagement modules, is available on the School Climate Professional Development group in Schoology. The access code is 2P5NM-F56JT.

SCSS Relationships Modules – Summary Handout <– This handout provides a brief summary of the two modules in the series aimed to promote positive relationships (teacher-student relationships and student-student relationships). Included are module specifics, potential uses, and what’s available online

Lead Authors: Dr. George Bear and Dr. Lindsey Mantz, University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

Research Narrative Reviewed by: Dr. Michelle Demarary, Northern Illinois University

PowerPoint Developed and Reviewed by: Dr. Lindsey Mantz, Sarah Hearn, M.Ed., Angela Harris, M.A., and Laura Davidson, M.A.,
University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

Audio Recorded by: Matt Hearn

Funding and Support from: The Delaware Department of Education through the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project and the School Climate and Student Success Grant

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    • Student-Student Relationships Module Presentation
      Slide Narratives for Student-Student Relationships Presentation
      Handout Version: Student-Student Relationships Module Presentation

      -This is a PDF version that can be printed out for note taking while viewing the presentation.

      Student-Student Relationships Module – Research Narrative

      -This narrative contains the information that is presented in the presentation, but in greater detail and with a greater emphasis on the research behind Student-Student Relationships. Numerous references to relevant research studies as well as resources are included.