SEL & SWPBIS Integration

The SEL & SWPBIS Integration Module focuses on integrating the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) approach and the School-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) approach. This module reviews the SEL and SWPBIS approaches, provides a rationale for integrating and aligning the two approaches, and provides practical strategies to support integration in schools. The purpose of this module is to help school professionals deepen their understanding of these approaches, how they are complementary to one another, and how they can be integrated effectively to enhance student learning and development.

Lead Author: Sara Whitcomb, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research Narrative Reviewed by: Dr. George Bear, University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

PowerPoint Developed and Reviewed by: Dr. Sara Whitcomb (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Angela Harris, M.A., Sarah Hearn, M.Ed., and Laura Davidson, M.A., (University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project)

Audio Recorded by: Angela Harris, M.A., University of Delaware & Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project

Funding and Support from: The Delaware Department of Education through the Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project and the School Climate and Student Success Grant

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    • SEL and SWPBIS Integration Module Presentation
      Slide Narratives for SEL & SWPBIS Integration Module Presentation
      Handout Version: SEL & SWPBIS Integration Module Presentation

      -This is a PDF version that can be printed out for note taking while viewing the presentation.

      SEL & SWPBIS Integration Module – Research Narrative

      -This narrative contains the information that is presented in the presentation, but in greater detail and with a greater emphasis on the research behind SEL & SWPBIS integration. Numerous references to relevant research studies as well as resources are included.