Developing Self-Discipline

PowerPoint Presentation

Developing Self-Discipline Powerpoint

Getting Started

Team Questions for Developing Self-Discipline

School-wide Success Brainstorm (Activity)

Positive Relationships

Relationship Building Strategies

Improving Peer Relationships

Skills Related to Peer Relations 

Mapping Peer Relation Skills to SW Expectations Activity

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

SEL Matrix Example (from Illinois PBIS Network)

SEL in curriculum

CASEL website

Character Education Resource Guide

Incredible Years Curriculum

Coping Power Curriculum

PEERS Curriculum

Second Step Curriculum

PATHS Curriculum

Service Learning

Service Learning Brainstorm

Student Leadership

Ideal School Activity

How to Involve Students in School Decisions

Praise and Acknowledgment

Suggestions for Use of Praise and Acknowledgement

Effective Praise – Activity Worksheet 

Effective Praise – Activity Worksheet Answer Key 

 Preventing Bullying

10 Ways to Help Prevent Bullying

Bullying Prevention Resources

 Helpful Websites

Who Cares about Kelsey – Mini-films

I Care By (related to Who Cares About Kelsey film)


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