DE PBS Key Features

DE-PBS Key Feature Evaluation Q&A

Directions for the DDRT Tutorial

DDRT Tutorial

DDRT Template 2019-20 4 year

DDRT Template 2019-20 2 year

PBS Team Notebooks

  • Permanent Products Notebook Model
    • This is an outline of all of the program materials the team creates when they begin implementing a Schoolwide PBS program.  There are blank templates for developing products, examples of school products, as well as reference documents.
  • Working Notebook Model
    • This is an outline of the monthly meeting materials Schoolwide PBS teams may use such as minutes and data reports.  Having a separate working notebook is helpful for keeping your monthly meetings organized and keeps the permanent products notebook from overflowing.  Note that although you have a permanent products notebook, the team can always revise a permanent product, such as updating the behavior matrix.  The new matrix would then be placed in the teams permanent products notebook.
  • DE-PBS School-wide Team Product Guide – 2014-15
    • This document contains outlines of both the permanent product notebook and the working notebook as well as a short Q & A about the purpose of the notebooks.