History of DE-PBS

The Delaware Positive Behavior Support Project (DE-PBS) project began in 1999.  In the early years of the project, more focus was placed on supporting individual students when initially working with schools, as schools would often request assistance in this area.  The major objective at this time was to develop and implement a set of training modules on current principles and practices of positive behavior supports, with more content focused on individual supports.  The project utilized a train-the-trainer model with representative district level teams.

However, after a couple of years the focus shifted to supporting schools in creating a positive school system so that there will be fewer students who need individual supports and that these individual supports will be more effective because they are implemented in a large system of School-wide support.  Staff provided training and technical assistance at the school level to implementing their own School-wide PBS systems.  In the 2002-2003 school year, staff from the Illinois PBS project provided consultation and training to assist with the development of a larger infrastructure of technical assistance and training capacity in Delaware and share their training resources for working with school teams.  Training was provided by Illinois consultants to district level staff, considered DE-PBS Coaches, as well as training provided directly to school teams in School-wide PBS.

In recent years and currently, a primary goal became to increase local capacity to support the schools implementing School-wide systems.  The DE-PBS Cadre of Coaches was developed and the project staff provide support to the district coaches who in turn train and support schools in their district.   Additionally, with the professional development and support structure for assisting schools to develop effective School-wide systems in place and the number of schools implementing School-wide PBS is increasing,  the training and supports for students with more significant behavioral needs was re-evaluated.  The content from the Illinois state project in Targeted and Intensive Team Training was revised and blended with material from the original modules on Functional Behavior Assessment, Behavior Support Planning, and Person-Centered Planning.